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Reflect Asset Inspection and Maintenance Management Software

road maintenance with reflect software

In 2019, the Civica Group acquired Asset Edge, an Australian-owned software company that provided a comprehensive suite of solutions to local, state, and federal government agencies through their Reflect Software.

The Civica Group has offices in the UK, New Zealand, India, Singapore, and Melbourne, Australia. It is a global market leader in business-critical software applications, digital solutions, and managed services.

Using the most recent IT industry innovations, Asset Edge specialised in developing fully mobile software applications that communicated with office-based systems. Civica Group made a great acquisition with Asset Edge because their flagship software product, Reflect, was widely regarded as an industry leader in asset inspection and maintenance management on roads and highways.

Civica’s Reflect, developed by Asset Edge, seems to be the most popular inspection and maintenance management programme used by Australian local and state governments.


Reflect software can be used to plan, record, and analyse maintenance activities for any type of asset. It is simple to use and loaded with features. The software was created using modern Microsoft.NET® and mobile-SQL server technologies. 

This allows an enterprise-wide software solution to be used in both the field and the office while providing users with an extraordinarily rich variety of functionality.

Reflect is a great software solution Shire Councils

Reflect seems to be a quite popular software choice with Shire Councils and it was interesting reading about how Reflect was able to transition Moorabool Shire from paper to digital processes to improve council services and provide better value for the community.

Moorabool Shire is in the western part of Victoria and many of their older processes were labour-intensive and not as accurate as the new generation inspection and maintenance management systems such as Reflect.

With Reflect Moorabool Shire is now able to record and manage their work more efficiently with the use of location and asset data and all maintenance work is now allocated to crews digitally.  They now have automated work allocations, information is updated on the go and they can get an accurate picture of asset maintenance requirements in moments.

Data is automatically collected on maintenance activities on all assets and they now offer improved service delivery response times and customer service satisfaction.

Their work teams have embraced the digital transformation, it’s making their lives easier and they can now spend more time working with the community on improvement of services

Prior to using Reflect in 2018, the council’s field teams lacked a centralised digital platform for managing the inspection and maintenance of roads, footpaths, and other assets. Managers manually assigned work orders, and field teams did not use a centralised system to report completed work. This not only made asset maintenance tracking time-consuming, but it also reduced confidence in data accuracy and made it difficult for staff members to quickly verify the status of repairs. This also made demonstrating compliance with adopted levels of service difficult. Reflect made it easier, faster, and more accurate for them to record inspections and maintenance work.

Due to Reflects adaptability, requests, incidents, inspection, defect, and activity modules can all be highly customised. With regard to the assortment and variety of assets for which your organisation is accountable, including but not limited to:

1.     Regional, Local Rural and Urban Roads

2.    Footpaths, Walking tracks and Cycle-ways

3.    Parks and Reserves

4.    Highways and Freeways

5.    Significant Trees and Vegetation Management

6.    Bridges, Culverts and Tunnels

7.    Graffiti and Vandalism Management

8.    Noxious Weed monitoring and control

9.    Storm Water and Sewerage Systems

10. Airports and Aerodromes

11.  Car Parks and Public Spaces

12. Rest Areas and Reserves

13. Boat Ramps and Waterway Facilities

14. Levee Systems and Sale Yards

Reflect can incorporate current policies and procedures, OHS and risk management requirements, customer requests, service delivery, defect identification and intervention models, maintenance rectification activities, and programmes thanks to its fully flexible set-up.

Reflects Key features include:

1.     Comprehensive inspection scheduling and monitoring

2.    Simple mapping interface with GPS for maintenance crews and inspectors

3.    Microsoft .NET® application with SQL Mobile or SQL Server Database

4.    Works with Windows XP®, 7, 8, 10 and Android devices

5.    The Web Portal works on all current Web Browsers

6.    User Definable Reporting with both simple and complex querying

7.    Utilises existing mapped layers of council assets (mapinfo® or esri®)

8.    Digital images and documents are stored within the Reflect database (including metadata)

9.    Simple integration and reporting with MS Excel® and MS Word®

10. Integration with GIS, Financial, Request and Asset Management systems

11.  View recorded data using Google Map® , Google Satellite® and Google StreetView®

12. Comprehensive Help Desk support from Civica representatives and site support when required

Reflect enables organisations to schedule and carry out reactive and preventative maintenance activities in an easy-to-use, systematic manner. All defects discovered during routine or emergency inspections are documented. Inquiries, inspections, defects, planned improvements, work orders, and claims are all stored in Reflect. All data collected can be viewed and analysed using Google mapping features. This data can be used by supervisors, engineers, and planners to justify existing maintenance expenditure, future work programming, defect rectification, service delivery, and the generation of unit rates for maintenance activities.

Reflect improves asset visibility, reducing the time required to manage work-related processes. It has to be one of the best Inspection and Maintenance Management Systems available in Australia right now, especially for use with Shire Councils.

Reflect has been continuously improved and developed for over ten years and is a truly scalable solution for use in the office and on the job. This feature-rich software product can plan, record, and analyse any set of maintenance activities for any type of asset.   It manages your budget, workload, and costs while logging complaints, conducting inspections, documenting defects and accomplishments, and managing your budget, workload, and costs.

If you’re interested in Reflect, the Civica Groups Melbourne office is located on the ground floor at 277 William Street in the City, they are open 9am to 5pm and their phone number is (03) 8676 4400

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[…] of years ago when I first learnt that Civica Group acquired Asset Edge that originally developed Reflect Software.  However, I was mainly only writing about the inspection and maintenance management aspects […]

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