Fiix Software for Truck Owner-Operators.

Fiix software for truck owners

Introducing Fiix Software for Truck Owner-Operators.

Fiix Software has an amazing software product that is available to Dump Truck Owner/Operators to assist with Asset Management.   This will help Streamline Maintenance and make sure you are doing the right amount of maintenance at the right times.

In keeping with what I’ve been doing lately, I’ll be using the 2021 KENWORTH T880 Dump Truck as the basis for Asset Management requirements.

Fiix has everything you need for your 2021 KENWORTH T880 Dump Truck and a lot more.

Being an owner/operator comes with its own set of challenges. From routine maintenance to unexpected breakdowns, it’s crucial for owner/operators to have a reliable system in place to manage their assets effectively. This is where Fiix software steps in, offering a comprehensive Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) designed specifically for the needs of highway truck owners.

A Brief Overview of Fiix.

Fiix is a leading provider of cloud-based maintenance and asset management software. Founded in 2008, the company has quickly gained recognition for its user-friendly interface, robust features, and exceptional customer support.

With a mission to empower maintenance teams to drive better business outcomes, Fiix has become a trusted partner for organizations across various industries.

Fiix Becomes a Rockwell Automation Company!

There was exciting news in the world of Fiix back in November 2020 when, the leading provider of cloud-based maintenance and asset management software has officially become a part of Rockwell Automation. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies and opens up a new era of possibilities in the field of maintenance and reliability.


Any changes for Fiix users with Rockwell Automation at the wheel?

With this acquisition, Fiix and Rockwell Automation join forces to create a comprehensive suite of maintenance solutions that will empower organizations to optimise their operations and drive greater efficiency.

By combining Fiix’s expertise in maintenance management software with Rockwell Automation’s massive size and industry leading automation and control technologies, this partnership will no doublt deliver a holistic approach to maintenance and asset management.

The acquisition of Fiix by Rockwell Automation marks an exciting new chapter in the world of maintenance management, especially where Fiix is concerned. Fiix customers can look forward to enhanced product capabilities, access to a global network of resources, and continued innovation in the field.  

With the huge amount of experience and financial resources that Rockwell Automation brings to the table, the future of Fiix looks very bright indeed.

The History of Rockwell Automation.

Rockwell Automation is a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation solutions. With a rich history spanning over a century, the company has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of industries worldwide.

The Founding of Rockwell Automation and the Early Years.

The roots of Rockwell Automation can be traced back to 1903 when Lynde Bradley and Dr. Stanton Allen founded the Compression Rheostat Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The company initially focused on manufacturing rheostats, a device used to control the speed of electric motors.

In 1910, the company changed its name to Allen-Bradley Company, reflecting the partnership between the two founders.

Over the years, Allen-Bradley expanded its product offerings to include motor starters, industrial control relays, and other electrical components.

Steady Growth and Expansion has been the name of the game.

In the 1960s, Allen-Bradley began to embrace computer technology and automation. They introduced the first solid-state programmable logic controller (PLC) in 1968.   This revolutionized industrial automation. Their skill, intelligence, research, development and remarkable innovations paved the way for the company’s future huge success.

In 1985, Allen-Bradley merged with Rockwell International, a diversified technology company.

The merger created Rockwell Automation, combining Allen-Bradley’s expertise in industrial automation with Rockwell International’s strengths in aerospace and defence.

Timeline of Growth and Acquisitions for Rockwell Automation.

Since its formation, Rockwell Automation has experienced significant growth and has expanded its portfolio through strategic acquisitions. Here is a timeline showcasing some of the key milestones in the company’s journey:

1990: Acquisition of Reliance Electric.

Rockwell Automation acquired Reliance Electric, a leading manufacturer of electric motors and drives. This acquisition strengthened Rockwell Automation’s position in the power transmission and motion control markets.

2001: Purchase of Entek IRD International.

Rockwell Automation expanded its predictive maintenance and condition monitoring capabilities with the acquisition of Entek IRD International. This move allowed the company to offer a comprehensive range of solutions for optimising equipment performance.

2007: Acquisition of ICS Triplex.

Rockwell Automation acquired ICS Triplex, a provider of safety and critical control systems. This acquisition enhanced Rockwell Automation’s capabilities in the field of process safety and critical control applications.

2011: Purchase of Pavilion Technologies.

Rockwell Automation acquired Pavilion Technologies, a leading provider of advanced process control and optimization software. This acquisition expanded the company’s offerings in the area of manufacturing execution systems and improved operational efficiency.

2018: Acquisition of PTC’s Vuforia Business.

Rockwell Automation acquired the Vuforia augmented reality (AR) business from PTC. This acquisition enabled Rockwell Automation to offer innovative AR solutions for industrial applications, enhancing worker productivity and safety.

Their continuous Innovations and Worldwide Impact.

Throughout its history, Rockwell Automation has remained committed to innovation and helping industries thrive in the digital age. The company’s solutions empower businesses to optimise productivity, improve operational efficiency, and enhance safety.

Today, Rockwell Automation continues to lead the way in industrial automation, offering a comprehensive portfolio of products, software, and services. With a global presence and a strong customer base, the company is well-positioned to shape the future of manufacturing and industrial processes.

Rockwell Automation’s journey from its humble beginnings to becoming a global leader in industrial automation is a testament to its commitment to innovation and customer success.

Through strategic acquisitions and a focus on developing cutting-edge solutions, the company has continuously evolved to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. As we look to the future, Rockwell Automation will undoubtedly continue to drive technological advancements and shape the future of industrial automation.

As the future unfolds, we can expect to see a more integrated and connected approach to maintenance, powered by the synergy between software and automation technologies. This partnership between Fiix and Rockwell Automation is a testament to the growing importance of maintenance management in driving operational excellence.

Stay tuned for more updates as Fiix and Rockwell Automation work together to shape the future of maintenance management!

The History of Fiix.

Fiix was created by maintenance professionals who understood the challenges faced by businesses in managing their assets efficiently. Back in 2008 when Corbin Church, Daryl Sedgman, Marc Castel and Stephane Castel created fix, these 4 remarkable individuals recognised the need for a modern, user-friendly CMMS that could streamline maintenance processes and improve overall productivity.

Over the years, their company grew, as did the features Fiix was providing to users.  With constant updates and software evolution, Fiix has grown into a well known Global Brand.   I’ve always really liked how they have always been open to customer feedback.  

Wherever possible it seems that they have incorporated this feedback too.   On top of their company being open to user feedback, they’ve made sure to include industry best practices into their software.  I’m very happy for these 4 people and they deserve the success they’ve achieved.

Why Fiix is Ideal for Owner/Operators of Highway Trucks?

Highway truck owners and operators face unique maintenance requirements due to the demanding nature of their operations. Fiix software offers several key benefits that make it an excellent choice for this specific industry:

1. Preventive Maintenance.

Fiix allows users to schedule and track routine maintenance tasks, ensuring that highway trucks receive regular inspections and servicing. This proactive approach helps prevent breakdowns and extends the lifespan of the vehicles, ultimately reducing downtime and costly repairs.

2. Work Order Management.

With Fiix, owner/operators can easily create work orders, assign them to technicians, and track their progress in real-time. This feature streamlines communication between the maintenance team and ensures that tasks are completed efficiently, minimizing delays and maximizing productivity.

3. Inventory Management.

Managing spare parts and inventory is essential for highway truck owners. Fiix provides a comprehensive inventory management module that allows users to track stock levels, set reorder points, and generate purchase orders. This ensures that the necessary parts are always available when needed, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

4. Asset Tracking.

Fiix enables owner/operators to track and manage their entire fleet of highway trucks. The software provides detailed asset profiles, including maintenance history, warranty information, and documentation. This centralized database simplifies asset management and helps identify trends and areas for improvement.

5. Mobile Accessibility.

Fiix offers a mobile app that allows technicians to access work orders, update maintenance records, and track their tasks from anywhere. This flexibility enhances communication and collaboration, enabling the maintenance team to respond promptly to issues and ensure the smooth operation of highway trucks.

What Sets Fiix Apart from Other CMMS Products?

Fiix stands out from other CMMS products in several ways as follows:

1.    User-Friendly Interface: Fiix software is known for its intuitive interface and ease of use. It doesn’t require extensive training or technical expertise, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

2.   Scalability and Flexibility: Fiix is designed to accommodate the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small owner/operators to large enterprises. The software is highly scalable and can adapt to evolving maintenance requirements as businesses grow.

3.   Exceptional Customer Support: Fiix is renowned for its exceptional customer support. The company provides comprehensive training resources, responsive assistance, and a dedicated support team to ensure that users get the most out of the software.

4.   Fiix Pricing/Costs: Although you could not categorise Fiix as ‘free open source software’, there is actually a free version.  There are 4 versions all up, Free, Basic, Professional and Enterprise.

In my personal opinion, if you are a owner/operator of a 2021 Kenworth T880 Tipper, this could be a great fit for you. 

You can create work orders, manage preventive maintenance tasks, build asset hierarchies, and more plenty more, there’s not trial period, no end date to the free version and they do not require a credit card.

You can set-up as many as 25 active Preventive Maintenance Plans, create unlimited service/work requests, Create Work orders for corrective maintenance, perform Downtime tracking, all sorts of asset management, there’s a mobile app, it will look after your Inventory, parts, supplies and a Calendar. 

Yep, $0 is the total outlay of the free version.

It has a limit on the users, but if you are a one or two person show, then I doubt it is going to be a problem.

The pricing for Fiix software varies depending on the specific needs and requirements of the business.

To get detailed pricing information, interested individuals can visit the Fiix website and request a quote tailored to their organization.

Conclusion about Fiix software that is backed by Rockwell Automation.

For owner/operators of highway trucks such as the 2021 Kenworth T880 Tipper, Fiix software offers a powerful solution to streamline maintenance operations, improve asset management, and enhance overall productivity.

It’s a software solution where I think you could get everything that you need done, achieved via the free version.

With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive modules, and exceptional customer support, Fiix stands out as a top choice in the CMMS market.

Whether it’s preventive maintenance, work order management, inventory tracking, or asset management, Fiix has the tools to empower businesses in maximizing the efficiency and reliability of their highway truck fleet.  Fiix is just going to get better and better over time and I’m one person that looks forward to seeing just how great it becomes.

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