Asset Management Training for Planners

Asset Management Training for Maintenance Planners

Asset Management Training for Mainteannce Planners

The Woodhouse Academy Online.

The Woodhouse Asset Management Academy is a well-regarded provider of online asset management courses for those wishing to educate themselves in this space. They’ve been around for over 20 years and provide a wide range of teaching strategies, customised course development, and extensive competency development programs.

The link for the Woodhouse Academy Online Learning Portal is:

The Woodhouse Partnership’s Asset Management Academy provides online coaching, distance learning, and e-learning to support education, training, and professional development around the world.

Continual Professional Development (CPD) credits are available for all courses.

They offer 3 online and integrated courses, as well as 14 topic modules:

1.     Introduction to Asset Management.

2.    Introduction to ISO-55000 and management systems.

3.    IAM Certificate in Asset Management.

Visit their course listings via the following link (all prices are in British Pounds),

BSI Group

The BSI Group is accredited by quite a few international bodies including:

1.     Joint Accreditation System of Australia & New Zealand (JAS-ANZ)

2.    American National Standards Institute – American Society for Quality National (ANSI) Accreditation Board LLC (ANAB)

3.    American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

The BSI endeavors to provide cost-effective services offer worldwide accreditation through the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

Course:   Asset Management ISO 55001 – Fundamentals Virtual Classroom

Achievement level:   Understanding

Duration = 4 hours & the cost is approximately $695

To learn more, visit:




Asset Management Council (AMC) of Australia

The AMC offer a one-day training program available to anyone living in Australia.

It provides a comprehensive overview of asset management.

The goal of this Asset Management Fundamentals package is to provide participants with knowledge in:

1.     Asset management fundamentals and how it can benefit the company you work for.

2.    The definition of asset management in the context of ISO-5500.

3.    The Asset Management Landscape.

4.    The asset management body of knowledge.

You will learn asset management principles, tools, and techniques that you can apply at any company you work for in the future.

You will also learn how to identify opportunities to apply your knowledge, which should improve both your performance and the performance of your company.

An online exam is given on the day of the course.  This provides some recognition of learning should you pass. You can become a Certified Associate in Asset Management (CAAM) and show your current and potential employers that you are capable of managing your own assets as well as that you have a deeper understanding of topics and issues related to asset management if you decide to take the exam, pass it, and agree to abide by a Code of Ethics.

To learn more, visit:

Aladon – The Risk & Reliability Global Network

Reliability Centered Maintenance

1.     RCM2 Introductory Course (This is available in Sydney via AXYS Consulting)

On February 7, 8, and 9, 2023, AXYS will hold a “RCM2 – 3 Day Introductory Course” in Newcastle. The fundamental concepts of RCM2 are thoroughly covered in this course. It is aimed at those who wish to learn more about RCM2 and how to develop maintenance strategies using it.  This course if run by Shane Chiddy who is a RCM Practitioner, Risk and Reliability Consultant & Functional Safety Engineer with Assoc. Dip. Eng. (Electrical).  You can email Shane on:

2.    RCM3 Executive Overview (not available when viewed 03-02-23)

3.    RCM3 Introductory Course (Only available in Texas when viewed 03-02-23)

4.    Advanced RCM2/RCM3 Facilitator Training (not available when viewed 03-02-23)

5.    RCD Introductory Course (not available when viewed 03-02-23)

6.    RCFA Introductory Course (not available when viewed 03-02-23)

7.    Course in the Principles of Physical Asset Management (not available when viewed 03-02-23)

To learn more about AXYS Consulting in Australia




ARMS Reliability / Bently Nevada (A Baker Hughes Business)

Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis

Course Duration: 16 hours (typically over 4 days)

Participants will learn how to conduct and facilitate their own FMECAs on machinery during this course. The main components of Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis will be examined, and participants will practice conducting their own analysis using fundamental facilitation techniques.

You will learn what to do from beginning to end, including failure mode identification, effects assignment, and pre/post risk mitigation criticality judgement. In order to ensure that the knowledge acquired can be applied back in the workplace, the course will take the participant step-by-step through the process. Each stage will include examples and group exercises.

Select the online course dates that suit you and if you are booking for a group (max of 10), select how many people you are booking for.   The costs are in British Pounds and on the 3rd Feb 2023 this course costs $1,314 GBP.

Central Queensland University - CQ University


This course is done online, takes 1 year full time or 2 years part time

As of 03-02-23 the fee is approximately AUD $14,000

The Graduate Certificate in Asset and Maintenance Management is a great way to advance your career if you are a seasoned maintenance professional. Acquire formal credentials that enhance your industry experience by offering a solid understanding of maintenance philosophy, strategies, systems, and resourcing, as well as the capacity to develop long-lasting, secure, and affordable solutions.

This part-time course provides an appropriate professional development study option in asset and maintenance management for those working in maintenance engineering or positions related to maintenance and asset management. Based on your work in the asset and maintenance industries, you will apply the theory and methods you have learned throughout your studies to make real-world assessments.

Lean Production

The Knowledge Academy

1. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – Australia

You can opt for the 40 hours online course and that will cost you AUD $2,695 as of 03-02-23.

This Six Sigma Green Belt training course will get you started with Lean 6 Sigma. Explain what it all means, the two parts of lean six sigma, the focus of lean, lean templates, the focus of six sigma, key principles, the various six sigma belts you can earn, and provide a training roadmap.

Six Sigma black-belts are known to be excellent problem solvers.

2. Certified Professional Change Management CPCM - Australia

Learn how to implement business change in a crucial and efficient manner. Learn how organisations are affected by change and how to look into change failures. Discover the various methods for managing change and how to do so successfully.

This course involves 4 modules, it is online and self paced and costs AUD $2,295 as of 03-02-2023.

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